This Blog

This blog contains my investigations, it is my workbook for my quest :
to build and operate a 3D printer at home.

Navigation in this Blog is by the Table of Contents on the right side. “Timeline” is the traditional blog part, the rest is a repository of my view of the presumed facts.

It all started …

in early May 2010, when a friend of a friend asked if I wanted to look at a 3D printer at a company that had bought one “to see what you can use it for”. The friend also passed a link to a simple do it yourself 3D printer done by a local guy. The fact that such a thing now is about the same size and cost as an average desktop pc, sort of freaked me out.

Initially I just wanted The Machine, then it would be OK to have assemble yourself kit, then I decided I might just ne able to build one on my own, just inspired by what I have seen on the web. That is the stage I am at now, and having fun and frustrations at the same time.


I do not suffer from “Gadgetitis”, in my opinion. (“Gadgetitis” – an obsessive disorder, which compells the sufferer to buy a gadget on seeing it or hearing about it. Not of necessity, but just “because”). My house is not filled with “gadgets” I do not own an electric drinks mixer or a keyring that answers when I whistle or a binary watch or vacumcleanerrobot. I have few things, and possibly some are more decorative than usefull. But nothing obsessive. I am married and have kids, this usually limits space and money available for such things – if I had a need.

And now I think owning a 3D printer is not a gadget ….


I am a man “in his best years”, married, grownup kids, houseowner, resident in Denmark, Technical consultant in the IT industry (databases) and have been with computers and everything similar all my life.

Project discontinued

This blog is now “closed”. I bought a 3D printer – September 2014.