Seen in Real Life

So, now I have seen the Dimension Elite 3D printer. It is a industrial/professional model, with one main plastic print head and a 2nd head feeding a dissolvable plastic used to make the temporary support structures, if needed. It cost around DKK 250,000.

Interesting, too, were the samples thay had lying next to it. First time I got to fondle something like that. In particular I was interested how obvious the layers were. They can clearly be felt, but were not that visible. The sample also included some made by other machines, and one shape was available in several forms: True mold (ie not 3D printed), 3D printed by that type of machine, and 3D printed by one that uses powder and glue. The latter was heavier, and totally stiff (like gypsum). A different shape had been done by the fused liquid technique. It seemed the best quality. One sample also included a moving part, and one sample showed that you could make parts that clicked together.

It is debatable if a home machine will achieve the same precision. I need to get the specs.
(This post backdated to reflect the true timeline)


~ by mskvaer on 25-05-10.

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