A plan is emerging

I have had an idea to build the printer gradually, to make a proof of concept, to take one step at a time. I have in my cellar a technical mechanical building set from the late 60s and mid 70ies I used a lot as a kid. Motors, gears, and lots of structual components. I will use that to build a prototype machine, just to exercise my controller. Initially a 2D plotter (the Z-axis is just a minor mechnical challenge).

The kit is FisherTechnic and it still is going strong. I can see on it’s webpages that they, too, like any other respectable modern building toy sets, have a robotic module and a controller with interface to the pc for programming … (sigh) Maybe I should just upgrade my toy from yesteryear and build the printer with that. I see others are busy doing a 3D printer in Lego and with chocolate.

I also have enough Kne’x (the original parts sets, not the new fangled lego-look-alike) but the gear/mechanics possibilities are more limited. On the other hand… the RepRap group might like to see it attempted – it would be 100% plastic frame and gears, getting their dreams a little closer.


~ by mskvaer on 04-06-10.

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