XY Plotter? Check!

The XY-plotter side project is complete. The plotter works! 🙂 It is inaccurate, slow, breaks easily, but a lot has been learned. The XY page has the links to pictures, code and videos.

There will be a pause in the progress, as the family holiday starts.  When there is, I have two choices – firstly if I want to improve the current XY plotter (photosensor instead of switches, redo the command interface (both firmware and host display), “tighten” the mechanics) or, to start the next phase. Which might be either another XY plotter but with steppers and a real framework (could be a component for the 3D printer) or start the real project, which will first involve making the frame in “real iron”


~ by mskvaer on 06-07-10.

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