I am at loss what to do next. The “project” is metamorphosing a little, constantly. My toykit XY plotter is at its limits, so I must go for “real” hardware for the next step. Googling/YouTubing has shown lots of other fun things to do with a “mere” XY plotter: Cutting foamboard, as a CNC wood milling, or a sandplotter. So I might go down that sideline.

In a way this started with me wanting to buy a 3D plotter, or a good kit, or with semi-supplied kit material, and now it is doing most of it “on my own”. It is the journey that has become interesting, not the end result.

Today I dismantled a simple flatbed scanner. That yielded two stepper motors, but too small. Still, ought to test drive them, just for the exercise. Should I keep looking for something to dismantle or just buy two (expensive) steppermotors?


~ by mskvaer on 31-07-10.

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