I bought one

What happened? Well, the project died… I was having more fun with other tinkering, I buildt other machines, that were easier and I did get finished. My desire for the 3D printer did not lessen.

Technology improved fast – may choices of components have become irelevant. There are many boards that control several steppers suited for 3D printers. Many slicers are available. New and fresh designs are emerging – in particular the Delta layout. Now that looked more like a 3D printer should look!

I managed to make some sort of 2D plotter using 3 arms, made out of string – and that worked, so I have an understanding of principles here, too (I did write the software myself – from scratch). But the same problem with getting good square/parallel hardware remains.

So I bought my own 3D Printer.

That of course offically “closes” this blog. There may be another blog with the assembly, tweaking, modding and running of the 3D printer, but this one is finished.


~ by mskvaer on 28-09-14.

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