Render Software

The software that goes from a STL file or similar to the Gcode

Skeinforge seems to be the choice (the others use it).

BitsFromBytes machine RepMan software is free to get, also uses skeinforge.

RepRapHostSoftware (opensource) and there are nice explanations, too.

ReplicatorG seems just to be the transfer system (Gcode on pc to machine) but more efficient and with a new code-language, the sitelink has some usefull references.

At my hobby/hacker-club a user  has written his own: Full STL->Gcode, with 3D viewer of STL and Gcode, tweak parameters, and transfer it to the RepRap printer, all in one very handy package.

And then I could write my own … too difficult I thought. On the other hand, it seems I am doing so anyhow because I just wanted “a simple” program to plot one shape … and ended up doing a alrge part of the functionality. I’ll continue on this path. (On the other hand again, looking at the other code … it is non-trivial when all specail edge cases are considered!)


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